Welcome to Historic College Park! We’d love to have you as a member.

Meetings every 2nd Tuesday from 6:30-8p; Refreshments served at 6:30 for social time


Informative Monthly Meetings

  • Located at Woodward’s Gresham Chapel
  • Statistics from the local police dept. on crime on our streets and what’s being done to improve our odds.
  • Visits from local business people and our local state and city policy makers every month.
  • Access to local happenings, volunteer opportunities and news.

Community bonding and communication among neighbors

A great way to make new friends and build a community of support for you and your family!

Added layer of support in dealing with local issues

We’re a neighborhood team and want to help you have the best experience possible in Historic College Park!

  • Be heard among your peers.
  • Ask for advice on how to deal with issues regarding our community.

Discounts on multiple events and restaurants

  • ​$10 off our huge annual yard sale participation fee.
  • $10 off our annual Holiday party ticket.
  • Neighborhood socials a few times a year with cocktails and light faire.
  • We are efforting discounts at local businesses!

Increased community pride

  • Who wouldn’t be proud to live in a beautiful, well-run community?


  • Come be a part of all our plans and share your voice!

We look forward to getting to know you and enjoying a shared experience living here in Historic College Park Neighborhood!





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